13 Mar

FTAHK Start-up Spotlight Series - Pundi X

FTAHK will be showcasing our startup members in our FTAHK Start-up Spotlight Series!


Pundi X is a blockchain-based FinTech company that seeks to enable blockchain tech to be more accessible and improve everyone's daily life.

Our flagship product, the XPOS, enables businesses to make in-store transactions easily with cryptocurrency. It's been deployed across more than 30 markets globally along with our XWallet mobile app that has more than 700,000 users transacting with it.

We were listed as the top 50 most innovative emerging Fintech firm in a KPMG report and we've been pushing to create more innovative breakthroughs. Our latest product, Blok On Blok (BOB) is the world’s first blockchain phone powered by Function X and it's been recognized by CES 2020 as an innovation award honoree for its outstanding tech. The BOB phone allows users to truly control and own their data.

As a startup, we believe that in order to grow and succeed, it’s essential to do it with partners. Our recent partnership with Ingenico for our XPOS solution is one example on how we collaborated with the world’s largest POS solution provider with our innovative blockchain tech to bring a better retail solution to merchants.

Our focus for 2020 will be to continue to build on what we've accomplished and drive further adoption for our solutions.