19 Mar

FTAHK Start-up Spotlight Series - Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI)

FTAHK Start-up Spotlight Series - Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI)

Robotic Online Intelligence Ltd (ROI) helps clients solve the information overload ('infobesity') problem - faced by executives and analysts - by filtering intelligence and picking signals from local sources.

ROI's AI-powered market intelligence engine and Kubro™ enterprise SaaS platform help source, search, tag, filter, analyze and communicate market intelligence from publicly available sources, now serving enterprise clients in multiple sectors, ranging from real estate to cryptocurrencies, in Asia and in the US. Most recently, ROI has launched Signallium(TM) front-end platform with China Property as the first specialist service, encoding 11 topic models, 200+ developers, 2,000+ local sources and 100 cities.

How do we use AI? We deploy neural networks for classification and tagging, with the parameters optimized for short text such as tweets or news headlines.

We originally developed the market intelligence engine for our own use - linked to a more established sister venture Real Estate Foresight. The time savings we achieved thanks to automation made us turn it into a standalone new venture.