03 Jun

FTAHK x InvestHK: FinTech Spotlight Series - SoFi

We at FTAHK are delighted to feature SoFi (SoFi Hong Kong) in the InvestHK x FTAHK Fintech Spotlight Video Series. Like the other videos in this series, we aim to interview successful local Fintech companies and showcase their unique features in the vibrant Hong Kong Fintech ecosystem.

Recently, SoFi has launched and quickly expanded its business in Hong Kong. This video will provide key insights into their company's shift in focus to Asia and the thinking behind this decision. Their success as a financial service platform would surely inspire other emerging start-ups and create healthy competition within the landscape.


We hope you have enjoyed the InvestHK x FTAHK Fintech Spotlight Video Series and found it engaging! Stay tuned for more upcoming videos and events!

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