08 Mar

Happy International Women's Day 2021!

Happy International Women's Day 2021!

Happy International Women's Day 2021!

As we are recovering from the challenges of COVID-19, it is all the more timely to remember the importance of diversity and inclusion in reshaping the future of work.

At FTAHK, we are honored to have a diverse group of passionate and dedicated women on our Board, acting as Co-Chairs, and working in our Executive Team, spanning across different verticals of the finance industry. Their ongoing contribution and engagement to FTAHK have played a critical role in expanding the Association and developing the Fintech Ecosystem in Hong Kong.


On this very special day, we would like to take a moment and celebrate with our members and partners the numerous achievements of all the incredible women at office, home, or anywhere else!


In celebration of IWD, our FTAHK Board members and Co-Chairs continue to advocate the importance of Gender Equity and Diversity. We strive to be a driving force in facilitating this agenda and delivering positive changes to work culture. In doing so, our Board members and Co-Chairs have shared with us short quotes that voice their opinions, as well as their outlook for the future of work culture.


"Let’s #choosetochallenge all forms of discrimination and put our hand up for a workforce that promotes equal and unbiased opportunities for all"

— Benjamin Quinlan, Chairman, FTAHK; CEO & Managing Partner, Quinlan & Associates

“Don’t hesitate and lean in to drive diversify with us. One little step of yours can make a big difference to others”

— Amanda Tung, Board Member, FTAHK; Senior Manager, Partnership, ZA

IWD Antony

“Committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions....people, diverse and beautiful” - Amanda Gorman

— Antony Morris, Board Member, FTAHK; Managing Director, Industrie & Co




"Being aware of gender inequality in the things we say and actions we take is the first step. The next… is to step up, proactively course-correct and be the leader where others will follow. #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021"

— Jessica Lam, Board Member, FTAHK; Chief Strategy Officer, WeLab


IWD Marc


"Thankful to the many under-recognised women who continue to shape a brighter, fairer, more successful Hong Kong"

— Marc Entwistle, Board Member, FTAHK; Principal, Digital Strategy, Financial Services, Asia-Pacific, Oliver Wyman

IWD Matt

"Everyone should be their own person, independent, creative and become an entrepreneur."

— Matt Dooley, Board Member, FTAHK; Founder, Connected Thinking 

IWD Medhy

"Diversity: Embrace it, Share it, Celebrate it. Diversity Is Inspiring. #ChooseToChallenge"

— Medhy Souidi, Board Member, FTAHK; Head of FinTech, DBS

IWD Musheer

“As Mahatma Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world. Male Champions needs to step up and actively ensure diversity in all their engagements”

— Musheer Ahmed, Board Member, FTAHK; Managing Director, FinStep Asia 

IWD Veronica

“This year I made several choices to challenge myself as a mother-to-be, went back to school, while continue my career at work with a lot of support from my peers and friends. As a community together, we are the ones who support each other and make a brighter day for tomorrow.”

— Veronica Fung, Board Member, FTAHK; Head of Global Markets New Client Onboarding, Vice President, Societe Generale

IWD Helene

"It’s not just on IWD, everyday I #choosetochallenge all the inherent biases blocking our work to build a healthier inclusive economy"

— Helene Li, General Manager, FTAHK

IWD Emma

"#ChooseToChallenge is my “Raison d’Etre”"

— Emmanuelle Pecenicic, Blockchain Committee Co-Chair, FTAHK; Head of Digital Strategy, BNP Paribas Asset Management

IWD Julie

"I will challenge inequality and celebrate women’s achievements #ChooseToChallenge"

— Julie Chan, WealthTech Committee Co-Chair, FTAHK, FTAHK; Financial Services Consulting Partner, PwC

IWD Michelle

"I choose to challenge the norm by forging innovation through digital / technology advancement, along my career from advanced mobile data service development to loyalty & big data business and eventually with FinTech industry now."

— Michelle Chan, InsurTech Committee Co-Chair, FTAHK; Director of Marketing, Business Development & Innovation, livi bank