16 May

Member Spotlight: Ambroise Couissin

Welcome to the next edition of our new member spotlight series! We’ll be regularly cycling through our thematic committees and asking our co-chairs to nominate active contributors. Selected members are invited to introduce themselves and their sector expertise to the wider community. 

In this edition we’re excited to present Ambroise Couissin, CEO & Founder at Mazecareas an invaluable contributor to FTAHK’s InsurTech member network. Ambroise has set a precedence for innovation within Hong Kong’s fintech community as the first CTO for CoverGo, Head of Engineering for SoFi HK (ex-8 Securities), and Quantifeed’s first ever engineer.


For those who don’t know, what does Mazecare do?

Mazecare is a digital healthcare platform that simplifies communication between the trifecta of patient, provider, and insurer. We cover the full patient journey from appointments, health services, and medical records to billing, claim adjudication and claim settlement. By streamlining this process, Mazecare is achieving our ultimate goal of dramatically reducing the cost of healthcare IT and health insurers/payers' operational costs, which in turn reduces insurance premiums, allowing more people to be covered.


What is keeping you busy at the moment?

I’m driven by the need to create value. Mazecare is my outlet for creation and my days are happily filled with building new products and services for our customers. The end goal is always the same – to reduce healthcare and health insurance costs. At the moment, we’re working to reduce costs by improving claim adjudication, clinical systems, and patient portals. Each step eliminates friction and saves money.


Have you had any recent highlights within your time at FTAHK?

Back in the day, featuring as a panelist at multiple member events whilst Head of Engineering of SoFi HK (ex-8 Securities) was always a special treat. More recently, returning to the panel as the Founder of my own company, Mazecare, was a nice full circle moment.


What is the biggest challenge in HealthTech we should know about?

Wastefulness. It comes from a lack of vision of what is possible. Health professionals don’t see the tech possibilities and tech minds jumble the needs of the health sphere. It’s a disconnect and value is slipping through this crack. We’re closing this gap by being the bridge that intertwines all of the parties at play.


Who from our member base would you most like to hear from?

Business providers! I am a tech guy first and foremost, so my focus is steered by building and implementing.  People that can find leads and sell our solutions (in exchange for commission, of course!) are the kind of people that can help build Mazecare.


How best to get in touch with you?

I’m available on WhatsApp directly within the InsurTech group but please also feel free to DM me on LinkedIn 

Ambroise Couissin

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