05 Aug

Member Spotlight: Dr. Ulf Henning Richter

Welcome to the next edition of our new member spotlight series! We’ll be regularly cycling through our thematic committees and asking our co-chairs to nominate active contributors. Selected members are invited to introduce themselves and their sector expertise to the wider community. 

In this edition, we’re excited to present Dr. Ulf Henning Richter, Founder & CEO at CARBON10B X Limited as an invaluable contributor to FTAHK’s GreenTech & ESG member network.

Dr. Ulf Henning is a professor, author, and serial entrepreneur, based in Hong Kong SAR, China. He received a Doctorate in Economic Sciences from HEC Lausanne, Switzerland, and an MBA from European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel in Germany. He is the founder and CEO of CARBON10B X focusing on carbon removal solutions, and runs his own trade and investment firm Richterion Limited. He previously served as Chairman / Head of Office of Lukoil Asia Pacific Hong Kong Branch and as Head of Asia of Red Lions Capital, an alternative investment platform focusing on exclusive pre-IPO opportunities. Prior academic appointments include City University of Hong Kong, Tongji University (Shanghai), University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Portland State University, and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He was a Visiting Scholar with INSEAD and a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and has 20 years of cross-sectorial work experience throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Dr. Ulf Henning has authored or co-authored more than 30 publications in high-level academic journals and practitioner outlets, and is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. Topics include:

  • Global energy transition, with a particular focus on China’s contribution to the Paris Agreements

  • Mobility trends such as connectivity, artificial intelligence, electrification and sharing economy

  • China’s emergence as global power, specifically China’s One Belt, One Road Strategy and cross border M&As.

  • Emerging Africa and infrastructure investment

For those who don’t know, what is CARBON10B X ’s mission?

CARBON10B X helps individuals, companies, investors, and governments, to implement science-based climate change targets worldwide by: 

  1. Building a global ecosystem to make climate solutions accessible and attractive to all.

  2. Plugging into the global system of carbon exchange mechanisms by making Hong Kong the no.1 exchange platform for the automated exchange of carbon credits in Asia.

  3. Incubating technology solutions for climate impact that allow issuing high-quality carbon credits to help bridge the emission gap and target full-cycle value chain solutions. 

Who We Are: We are social architects focusing on solving global challenges at the intersection of global energy transition, corporate and government's net zero carbon goals, and disruptive technologies to serve a planet that sustains 10 billion inhabitants and protect/rebuild its biosphere.

Where can our members find you within the FTAHK community?

Scaling up the asset-based for a blockchain-enabled carbon credit trading platform.

What is the biggest trend in your field for 2022?

Move toward high-quality projects, professional carbon credit generation, and emergence of platforms.

What is the biggest benefit your firm has received by being a member of FTAHK?

Networking, exposure, meeting great people.

What business partners are you looking to collaborate with?

Professionals in climate tech, fintech and scaling start-ups.

How can our members get in touch if they want to hear more?

You can DM me on LinkedIn or WhatsApp. 

Ulf Henning Richter

Ulf Henning's LinkedIn