27 Feb

Members Spotlight: Jason Chan

Welcome to the next edition of FTAHK's member spotlight series!

For February's profile, there's a slight twist as we are featuring an FTAHK partner rather than a member. Nonetheless, Mr. Jason Chan, Co-Founder & CEO at AREIX, is an invaluable member of the Hong Kong FinTech community and has partnered with numerous organizations such as HKSTP and AWS.

Jason Chan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Areix Analytics Limited, a FinTech company with a mission to democratize intelligence for good. He is a qualified SAS Certified Data Scientist and SAS Certified Professional for AI and Machine Learning with a background in digital assets and fintech.

Prior to founding Areix, Jason gained valuable experience working at a leading crypto exchange and an AI software company. In these roles, he focused on building analytics-driven solutions for the financial services industry, digital banking, and risk management. He's also worked tirelessly to contribute to the education of the wider community, participating in various seminars, forums, and lectures on the topics of Fintech, blockchain, and entrepreneurship.

Jason earned his Master's degree in FinTech from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and a Bachelor's degree in Global Business Systems Management from City University of Hong Kong. He also studied technology and entrepreneurship at Stanford University, Copenhagen Business School, and Fudan University.

With his innovative solutions and commitment, he is dedicated to advancing the accessibility and benefits of crypto investment and web3 for as many people as possible.

For those who don't know, what is AREIX's mission?

AREIX develops straightforward, high-performance financial management services for both professional and inexperienced investors.We bring our robo-assistant technology to life. Our products address the issue of individuals finding it difficult to access returns from sophisticated strategies due to the complexity of risk management procedures implementation and backtesting automated models.We made the sharing of trading intelligence possible by applying our patented mechanisms and machine learning, enabling investors to trade more successfully in the Web 3.0 space.

What's the best thing taking up your time at the moment?

One amongst our product offerings is the "OlaWealth" application, which provides a trading "robo-assistant" service that enables users to follow top traders in the cryptocurrency market, replicate their trading tactics, and fairly rapidly manage their portfolio of digital assets in accordance with their risk tolerance and expected returns.

What is the biggest trend in your field for 2023?

Institutional DeFi and the increased use of virtual assets by conventional financial institutions.

What is the biggest benefit your firm hopes to receive by being a member of FTAHK?

AREIX finds it fascinating to be part of Hong Kong's FinTech community and to establish connections with many outstanding FinTech companies and financial experts.

What business partners are you looking to collaborate with?

Professionals in fintech, cryptos and compliance.

What’s the best way for other members to get in touch with you?

You can DM me on LinkedIn.

Jason Chan

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