Fintech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) Presents: Understanding The Central Bank Digital Currency – Risks and Opportunities (Cantonese Session)

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Bowie Lau
Founder & Managing Director, MaGESpire
Ms. Bowie Lau is the Founder & Managing Director of MaGEHold - An early-stage Technology Angel Investment Firm nurturing innovative startups in the fields of AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and IoT. She is also a founder of MaGESpire - A Technology Education & Advisory Group enabling Fintech ventures in areas of Strategy, Architecture & Business Development. She is an angel investor and also a partner of True Global Ventures 4 Plus - A first-of-its-kind Global Decentralized Venture Capital Fund focused on investing into promising early-stage & late stage Blockchain startups. Bowie is a Vice-Chairman, Association of Family Office in Asia – A Strategic Collaborative Platform for Family Offices to pursue Excellence & Thought Leadership to shape the Future of Commerce. Bowie is also the Chapter Head of CFTE in Hong Kong.
Frankie Tam
International Technology Lawyer, Eversheds Sutherland
Frankie is an international technology lawyer at Eversheds Sutherland. Her practice covers a wide array of commercial and tech-related matters, including significant technology outsourcing transactions, Fintech, Regtech and blockchain services agreements and data privacy matters. Frankie is a member of the Vetting Committee of Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission’s General Support Programme, where she advises the Government on merits of technology projects applications. She teaches Fintech programmes at tertiary institutions and regularly speaks at industry conferences. Frankie is qualified in Hong Kong, New York, and England & Wales.
Edmund To
Solutions Architect, ConsenSys
Mr. Edmund To is a solutions architect at ConsenSys where he is working with enterprises and startups to solve real-world problems by leveraging blockchain technologies, in particular using Ethereum. Prior to joining ConsenSys, he worked as a software engineer and had commercial experience with a number of public and enterprise blockchains. He also had an investment banking background with a focus on equity and equity derivatives.
Daniel Chan
Head of Blockchain Innovation Lab, FORMS HK
Daniel is the Head of Blockchain Innovation Lab of FORMS, a leading digital technology services provider to Hong Kong’s virtual banks. He is currently spearheading innovations and promoting blockchain technology education and industry collaboration across financial and technology communities across Asia. Prior to joining FORMS in 2019, Daniel was a Blockchain Engineer and Researcher at He also is the Founder of DAA Fund, a private fund that adopts arbitraging strategies across global digital asset exchanges, which pledges 7% of the returns for setting up FinTech scholarships for local universities. He is passionate about open finance and in the ways of how bridging private and public blockchain innovations may co-create a better FinTech future. His previous journeys also involve working in asset management analysis and strategies for RBC and Dah Sing, and being a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur in the fashion, education, and social enterprise sectors in Hong Kong.