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OwlGaze is a boutique firm that specializes in cybersecurity advisory and software. Our mission is to help organizations identify, manage and mitigate daily cyber risks to transform business performance in a safe environment. We will advise, deploy, and operate using a comprehensive range of cyber services, including: Strategy – Privacy – Identity – Infra – Response

STRATEGY | Gain insight on cyber risk posture and capabilities

PRIVACY | Practice data security and privacy aligned with regulations

IDENTITY | Lifecycle of digital identities: people, systems, services & users

INFRA | Secure your ecosystem: multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premise

RESPONSE | Respond, contain, mitigate and recover from cyber attacks
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Industry best standards, practices, latest tech combined with strong technical skills and experience to solve your cyber challenges. We are dedicated to guiding you to address any complex cyber issues head-on while establishing tools, methods, and s...

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