31 Oct | Press Release

FinTech Association of Hong Kong Updates Guidance for Token Sales

Hong Kong – 31 October 2018 – Reflecting the rapid evolution of the digital asset industry and the growing regulatory scrutiny of the sector, the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) has issued an updated and revised version of its guidance on best practice in token sales.

Originally launched in December 2017, the refreshed and updated 35-page paper expands the scope of the original to include other token events, including airdrops and security tokens (or “STOs”), as well as to connect directly with the ground-breaking Code of Conduct produced by the Global Digital Finance industry body.

Over USD 7 billion has been raised from ICOs so far in 2018, already well above the USD 6.2 billion raised in 2017.* Despite some fundraising challenges in recent weeks, ICOs remain a popular medium used by the blockchain and crypto ecosystems. Updating the paper is part of the Association’s stated mission to advocate for the FinTech ecosystem and is intended to help further professionalise the digital asset industry, ensuring its long term success.

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