20 Jul | Consultation

FTAHK Board Appointments July 2020

Onwards and upwards - Benjamin Quinlan at the helm to drive “FTAHK 2.0” 

Riding on a fast track of growth since its inception in 2017, the Fintech Association of Hong Kong is set to embark on its mission to further support the development of Hong Kong's Fintech ecosystem.  Benjamin Quinlan, our new Chairman, has been voted in by the Board to lead this next chapter of growth - a vision he is calling “FTAHK 2.0”.

In the current economic climate, with so much volatility and uncertainty, there has never been a greater need for an association to act as a cohesive voice representing the interests of the Fintech sector at large.  

“I am proud and excited to take on this role, building on the previous success of FTAHK under Henri Arslanian’s Chairmanship. In coming months, I will be working closely with our newly elected Board members, the management team, committee Co-chairs, and the wider community to further connect and propel our Fintech industry to new heights. Keep your eyes peeled for what lies ahead as we develop and start rolling out our strategy for FTAHK 2.0.”