FTAHK x Hays: The Future of HK & GBA as the Digital Financial Hub of Asia

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Fintech Association of Hong Kong x Hays has organized the panel session "The Future of HK &GBA as the Digital Financial Hub of Asia".


Hong Kong has always been the Financial Hub of Asia. With the global growth of digital technology within the financial sector, can Hong Kong compete amongst the best to retain its position?


Panel Discussion Overview

• Does HK still have competitive advantages within Financial Services in Asia?

• What's next for Digital Transformation & Innovation in HK?

• How will HK regain global confidence as a Financial Hub?



Neil Tan - Chief Executive Officer, Neptune Digital and FTAHK Chairman

Howard Kwong - Chief Digital Officer, Prudential

Jessica Lam - Chief Strategy Officer, WeLab and FTAHK Board Member



Jasper Leung - Senior Consultant, Hays Hong Kong


*Drinks and snacks will be provided for your enjoyment during the networking session