Join LITE Lab@HKU 5th Undergraduate Cohort as a Project Partner for Jan – Apr/May 2024

LITE Lab@HKU is an interdisciplinary and experiential programme at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law to foster law, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship (LITE). Students spend 9-10 hours per week working largely independently on their research project legal, regulatory and/or policy deliverables, with regular check-ins with their project partners. They welcome project partners to invite our students to visit and work from their premises. 


To date, LITE Lab and its students have worked with more than 90 project partners (including many "repeat customers") on a broad range of emerging technology and business model topics ranging from online platforms, digital assets, regulation of AI, data protection and privacy, cybersecurity, the metaverse and quantum computing, for a variety of industries including fintech, healthtech, gaming, ESG, etc. 


They are so pleased to again work with their ecosystem partners Cyberport, Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, Fintech Association of Hong Kong, iDendron and now Dream Impact to outreach to support and grow Hong Kong as an international innovation and technology hub. 


If you are new to LITE Lab, here are some videos with some of their ecosystem partners such as Cyberport and past project partners with their undergraduate students and postgraduate students as well as a recently published white paper co-created by a LITE Lab student and project partner Fintech Association of Hong Kong. There are also student reflections what they learn working with our project partners.  


REGISTER by Wednesday January 31, 2024.


Please note that classes finish at the end of April, and projects may continue into May with the mutual agreement between project partner and student(s).  

If you have any questions, please feel to contact or project assistant Neo Chan at  with the title "LITE Lab @HKU -  2023/24 Application"